63 sharesIf you want to study civil engineering at an internationally renowned university, the civil engineering ranking of the QS World University Rankings by Subject is an excellent source of information.

In it, you’ll discover the highest-ranked schools based within your chosen study destination, according to four different indicators The UK's first Chair of Civil Engineering was established at the University in 1840 and and contact them to discuss your research proposal before you apply..

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hide(); , 550); ); ); One of these four is employer reputation, and with career prospects high on everyone’s list of priorities, this indicator is a crucial way of finding out which top civil engineering schools are well-regarded by the world’s leading employers.

Below, you’ll find a countdown of the highest-ranked civil engineering schools, according to employer reputation Research topics within civil engineering can be based around structures, Geotechnics, fluid mechanics, transportation, GPS surveying, road materials and many .

Alternatively, you can also view the full civil engineering ranking here. Honorable mentionsWhile they weren’t ranked in the top 10 for the employer reputation category this year, there were several top civil engineering schools which nonetheless deserve a mention for appearing in the overall top 10:th for the employer reputation indicator)th for employer reputation)th for this indicator)th for employer reputation)th to ninth for civil engineering this year, and joint 15th for employer reputation)th overall for this subject.

The university aims to promote the employability, intellectual development and skills and knowledge of its students by providing coursework, research opportunities and internships on the crucial aspects of civil engineering, design, policy making and management. Tsinghua Universityth for employer reputation, China’s University has been teaching civil engineering since 1926, and has developed a strong reputation for conducting cutting-edge scientific research and developing talents to further China’s national development.

The department’s recently been involved with strengthening connections with both domestic and international enterprises, having established a national engineering practice teaching center with the China State Construction Engineering Corporation in 2011. Kyushu UniversityJapan’s Kyushu University is ranked in the 101-150 range for this year’s civil engineering ranking, but is astonishingly joint eighth with Stanford for employer reputation. While it may not be as well-known as some of the other universities in this list, Kyushu is clearly looked upon favorably by employers, and aims to provide students with highly employable skills such as problem solving and leadership.

Kyushu also offers an education with an international focus, as well as internships with affiliated industries, government offices, and academia. Stanford UniversityRanked eighth both overall and for employer reputation in this year’s civil engineering ranking, the US’ Stanford University was number one in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018 and aims to empower students to cultivate personalized networks that shape their professional journey.

All students have access to the Career Development Center, recently renamed BEAM (Bridging Education, Ambition & Meaningful Work), in which students can explore possible career paths, find internships and job opportunities, attend employer connection events and more The school of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering is home to a thriving research community of over 240 active researchers. Find out more here..

Peking UniversityChina’s Peking University is ranked in the 51-100 range for civil engineering and seventh for employer reputation. The university has an innovative study abroad model known as the Globex Julmester program, which focuses on the core elements of 21st century progress: engineering & science, entrepreneurship & business, society & globalization.

This program aims to enhance students’ global and professional experience by offering unique, career-oriented courses and off-campus activities which create links between China and the world. Waseda UniversityClimbing from the 151-200 range to the 101-150 range in this year’s civil engineering ranking, Japan’s Waseda University was founded in 1882 as Tokyo College and began offering engineering programs in 1908.

Graduates of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have gone on to work in diverse roles, from town planning and social infrastructure fields such as railway and highway companies, to the civil service, energy, communications and construction 22 Mar 2018 - If you want to study civil engineering at an internationally renowned (Hons) engineering degree earn an average of £29,000 six months after .

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University of OxfordUniversity of Oxford, which is based in the UK.

Oxford is ranked 16th overall for civil engineering this year and also achieves a high score for its academic reputation. Graduates of Oxford’s four-year MEng (Hons) engineering degree earn an average of £29,000 six months after graduation, working in many different sectors such as banking and investment, consultancy, accountancy, IT and computing, energy, the environment and, of course, engineering. University of CambridgeRanked fourth for employer reputation, University of Cambridge is ranked second overall in the civil engineering ranking and like Oxford is also highly rated by academics.

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Cambridge has strong links with industry, with many research projects funded by industrial companies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Ranked the best place in the world for studying civil engineering (and several other branches of engineering) this year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (MIT CEE) has a mission of educating both inside and outside the classroom, and equips students with the fundamental skills needed to succeed as a civil and environmental engineer through its ACET-accredited undergraduate program. Students can also improve their employability through research projects, fieldwork programs and internships. Tokyo Institute of TechnologyTokyo Institute of Technology, known as Tokyo Tech, made an impressive leap in this year’s civil engineering ranking, climbing from joint 43rd to joint 31st.

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Tokyo Tech aims to cultivate distinguished engineers and researchers with a leadership mindset in the civil engineering field who can contribute to the international community, and helps students access career counseling, internships, support events and more Research degrees are available in MPhil/PhD in Civil Engineering, MPhil/PhD in Geotechnical Engineering, MPhil/PhD in Hydraulic Engineering and MPhil/PhD in Structural Engineering. Research students may commence their degree studies 1st October, 2nd January/1st February or April..

Kyoto UniversityRanked number one for employer reputation in this year’s ranking of the world’s top civil engineering schools, Japanese institution th overall. Like Tokyo Tech, Kyoto is active in supporting students’ employability, with its International Center offering Japanese language and business etiquette classes for international students wishing to work in Japan after graduation. International students can also attend the annual Career Guidance & Job Fair in June, in which they can meet representatives from companies in various cities.